Saturday, December 17, 2011

Whose tracks are those?

It's been such a hectic few days! I'm glad I have some down time now to blog! I spent most of today working on the children's holiday gifts, wrapping and baking! In the morning, I also attended the Gingerbread Gala at the Boys and Girls Club of Albany, where I bumped into a couple of students and their families! It was a wonderful event for the community and the kids had so much fun! Santa also made an appearance!

On Thursday, we talked about how animals make animal tracks and prints especially in the winter. We read:
The book is a great way to introduce animal prints and depicts a variety of animal prints! It also calls on the students to become nature detectives by using the clues left by animals through their tracks!
Using air-dry clay and toothpicks, the class got to create their own animal tracks!

Here are some of the completed animal tracks:
J.C's frog tracks
G.S' turkey tracks

D.K's eagle and bird tracks
K.M made reindeer tracks, J.M created cat tracks, G.A made rabbit tracks
We will be displaying the animal tracks right next to our 3D forest! During center time, the students were noticing and discussing animal tracks. In the library, T.D noticed animal tracks in a book she was reading:

Special thank you to O.B's mom, who donated a wonderful bear costume for our dramatic play center. It's a great addition to the cave/dens!
J.M pretending to a bear getting ready to hibernate
On Friday, the class got to watch the rest of the school's performances at the school's On the Ground assembly. The auditorium was packed but it was a great experience for the children to see/hear the variety of songs and music and cheer on their friends and even some older siblings! When the second graders went on the stage, our class cheered a lot for their buddy readers. When they saw their buddy readers later on in the day, many complimented the second graders for their wonderful singing and great song!

Following the assembly, we worked on creating patterned candy canes and garlands! We reviewed patterns and everyone's become experts at creating them! 
T.S created a brown and orange patter on his candy cane
K.M created a red and white candy cane
D.K strings green and red lifesaver candies for a garland
These girls work together to make a purple and red garland
The garlands have now been added to the class holiday tree! :)
Next week, we will be learning about Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. We'll be making Kwanzaa bracelets on Monday and cooking latkas on Tuesday (which will also be the first day of the festival of lights). We'll be adding a 2D menorah to our class, which we will light each day of Hanukkah. We will also have 2D Kwanzaa lights too! We will also be beginning our miniature cave creation project with clay.
We will be reviewing the letters W and Y.

Thursday, we will be building gingerbread houses. We have D.K and O.B's mom coming in to volunteer that day. Friday, we will be creating gingerbread people and T.S and O.B's mom coming in to help. Please let me know if you would still like to come in to volunteer. Kacey's younger sister will be joining us one of those days to help out as well.