Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Concert

Thanks to all the family members that came to see the students perform at the school's winter concert! It was a wonderful experience for the class-they were so proud of all their practicing! They will be performing again for the school's On The Ground assembly this Friday. This assembly will just be for the school's students. I brought in a handheld video recorder to record the students' performance. Unfortunately due to my lack of experience with the recorder I was only able to record before and after the performance :( Lesson learned-practice using equipment before I need to actually use it. Luckily though, the class is performing again in costume at the school assembly-so I will make sure to record that. I do, however, have a rehearsal video to share:
Here is a video of the class waiting to get into the auditorium:

The rehearsal video was taken with the Flip camera and the video of the class before the performance was taken with the video recorder---which video quality do you think is better?

This upcoming week, we'll be learning all about hibernation! On Monday, we'll start by talking about what hibernation is and pretend to be animals hibernating! I purchased some dark felt to drape over a table to create a cave effect and I also have a big box we will use to make into a cave for hibernating! I also have some holiday themed lessons planned such as creating patterned candy canes and writing letters to the North Pole.

Speaking of which, I also have a new friend that will be joining the class on Monday:

Here is an upcoming family event at the Albany Public Library located on Delaware Ave:
This is a free event for kids. All materials will be provided in making a snow globe. The event is on Thursday, December 15th 4:00-5:00pm.