Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fieldwork outside the classroom

Starting our day with some yoga, done in the small gym!
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Warrior 3-we just started this pose, so it's still a bit tricky because of the balance it requires. We will keep practicing it though!
Reserve warrior
O.B demonstrating the cat pose, which helps to loosen the back and spine
J.A doing happy baby
After yoga, we conducted some fieldwork outside the classroom! This morning, we made predictions about what kind of lights we would find in our school. We worked on using the sentence starter, "I predict." We ventured first into the auditorium, which is a wonderful place for observing a variety of lights. For this fieldwork expedition, the children got to bring along their clipboards to record their findings just like scientists! 
 Many of the students commented on the exit signs that were lit up around the auditorium.
We then went on the stage to get a closer look at the spotlights. O.B noticed that some of the spotlights created a pattern.
I love how this photo captures O.S and O.B looking up at the spotlights.
One line of spotlights above the stage
G.A's sketch of the spotlights.
D.K's sketch of the spotlights
As a class we talked about the colors of the lights and the shapes!
We then went to the back of the auditorium, where there were smaller spotlights.
G.P draws the spotlight as stars
We then went to look at the lights in the lobby of the school. The students quickly recognized them as ceiling lights, but they were different from the ones in our classroom.
Sketching the lights in the school lobby
Some of the students then noticed some lights on the wall attached to a box:
These lights were off
T.S shows his sketch of these lights. It's amazing how he captures the symmetry in the lights
Finally, we went to Ms. Blanchard's room to see the lights. Prior to this, one student actually predicted that her room would have a lamp. We found out that her classroom has the same ceiling lights as ours!
G.S sketches the ceiling light in Ms. Blanchard's room, he colors in the light
Sketching the ceiling lights in Ms. Blanchard's room
It was interesting to see how some students colored in their lights to show that they were on and some students left their lights uncolored to show the light being on. Skimming through their clipboards, I noticed a lot of shapes and sizes of the lights. I was also proud of all the students for walking around the school safely with their clipboards and pencils!

Tomorrow, we will be looking closely at a light to see the different parts (bulb, wire, base, etc).