Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Hay Fat Choi!

or Happy Lunar New Year! I had an awesome weekend sans the weather (boo!) with my family and friends! Here are some photos from my weekend---
I had some hot pot with my best friend!
Chinese New Year eve dinner made by my mom
Me with my sister and our partners!
Even Brian joins in the festivities and gets red envelopes!
I was really happy to be home, eat my mom's food and celebrate the holiday! I am excited to get back to the classroom tomorrow! The class had a super fun time celebrating the Lunar New Year on Friday too!
The students got to decorate the paper lanterns using watercolor paints. They took the lanterns home on Friday. They can be hung up as is or a small light (mini flashlight or small rope light or string light) may be placed inside to add more illumination.

O.B's mom came to help out with the activity
After lunch, I introduced students to chopsticks and we played a game with them where we had to pick up number magnets with the chopsticks.

For our snack on Friday, we created kimbap which is Korean-style rolls. We used carrots, cucumbers, seaweed and rice. I demonstrated how to make them.

First, we place the seaweed on the plate. Then, we place rice on the seaweed and pat it down. Then, we place the carrots and cucumbers in the middle. Finally, we roll the seaweed up and eat! I encouraged the students to try to eat the finished product. Some students liked only certain ingredients, some loved it and made and ate several rolls and some enjoyed simply making them.

Also, the red envelopes and chopsticks were given to everyone from O.B's mom! And if anyone has any spare pants either for girls or boys that your child is no longer using, our class would kindly appreciate them. Our class needs spare pants in case of accidents.
See everyone tomorrow! Homework will be given out tomorrow! :)