Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How can we turn on the light?

We continued our exploration of the many ways that lights can be turned on. After flipping the light switch yesterday, we looked at other kinds of lights to see how they need to be turned on. Using our clipboards, the students looked closely at the different light switches, buttons, etc and recorded their observations.
J.M's depiction of the switch that turns on these faux candles

T.S drew the book light and points out the switch

J.A points to the switch on the book light too
K.M copied the word "off" from the button on the light box

G.S' sketch of the faux candles-I was amazed at the details
A.R draws the button on the flashlight
We learned that to turn on lights, we need to flip switches, press buttons or sometimes plug it in. We recorded our answers from our research on a big chart paper. During center time, some students depicted the variety of ways to turn on lights on this paper.
T.D adds a plug to our chart
How do we turn on lights?
We celebrated another birthday today! Happy 5th birthday to G.P!

I was really inspired by my friend's blog post about putting the camera in the hands of a student to capture their perspective. D.K has previously expressed interest in taking hold of the camera so today I gave him the camera to click away! I will continue doing this with the rest of the class to see what photos they take! I then asked  D.K to tell me about his photos and the captions are what he told about the photos.
"We were playing firetrucks and then there was a house on fire and a van. The fire truck was spraying the water."

"When we were playing fire trucks, I was a fireman that got to take a picture of the other fireman." Side note: This is an awesome photo taken of T.S by D.K :)

"We were both firemen and this was in the fire station when got back from the fire call."

"When we were at the fire station, T.S saw a new thing. We started to take a picture of that."
"Those were the radios that tells us if there is a fire or not"

Tomorrow, we will be looking at the light switches individually. I will be visiting Home Depot tonight to purchase some switches and buttons for the students to explore tomorrow. It will be exciting to see the students create their own switches/buttons/plugs on Friday!