Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Introducing Sketchbooks

Welcome back everyone! Kacey and I were surprised at how calm, ready and focused everyone was this morning and throughout the whole day. The class didn't need many if any reminders on the routines of our classroom! We did have a very "light" day to get everyone's minds ready for our next project! After breakfast and morning meeting (where several students shared about their breaks), we went to the small gym for some yoga and gym centers (hula hoops, bowling and parachute). I didn't get to take any photos during yoga because I left the camera in the classroom, but the class did learn 2 new yoga poses. We review the ones we learned, which the class readily picked up again and tried out the awkward chair (we call it the invisible chair) and the happy baby poses.
We spent some time today getting acquainted with using sketchbooks. Thank you to everyone that donated notebooks/sketchbooks for this! We have been stressing the importance of every page in the sketchbook and that we put important things in the book. We will be using the sketchbooks to sketch out stories, thoughts, important ideas for things we learn and for project work. I am excited to see what will be created with the sketchbooks!
Tomorrow, we will starting our light/shadow project with immersion. We will create memory sketches involving light!

Here is a video of T.D and G.P sharing what they sketched.

O.B and K.M write in their sketchbooks
K.W writes his name and practices writing the number 2
G.P writes in her sketchbook

D.K writes in his sketchbook
J.C writes the number 2