Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Labeling and Sorting

Today, we worked on finishing up their light books by adding labels. It was great how the students have improved with their scissor skills. To help guide their cutting, I outlined the words. After cutting out the labels, with teacher assistance the students matched their labels with the corresponding picture they drew. This is a wonderful pre-reading activity, because it helps children to understand that words on a page correlate with the picture on the page. I also encouraged them to point under their words! Afterwards, the children were able to read their books!
A.K works on cutting out her labels
T.D matches the label for light table with her sketch
Here are some video clips of K.W and A.R reading their light books-

 After lunch, we worked together to sort some foam shapes. We learned the different ways we can sort. This skill will come in handy for our project!
Our sorting chart
We played a game where everyone got a different attribute shape and as a class we sorted in a variety of ways.
G.A sorts her rectangle by shape

T.D sorts her square with the other squares
Next, we sorted by color

A.K places her triangle with the blue shapes
K.W places his yellow rectangle with the other yellow shapes
D.K places his red hexagon with the red shapes
 Finally, we sorted by size!
T.S sorts by size
We celebrated another birthday today! Happy 5th birthday to K.W!
After school ended today, I got a chance to place the students' cave and animal track creations in the glass display across from our classroom.

I can't wait for the students to see their creations under the lit display!
I also put up photographs from the students' yoga practice along with what each pose helps us with!

If you ever happen to pass by, take an opportunity to see either displays. The caves and animal prints will be in the glass display for the next 2 weeks until the school's theme changes. Hope everyone gets a chance to check out the class' amazing works!

  • please remember to bring back the trip permission slip signed along with $2.50 for our trip to the Home Depot 
  • We sent home student work from our apple project-look for them in your child's folders!