Monday, January 9, 2012

Learning in the dark

We started doing our fieldwork for our light project today! As a class we answered the question, "What shines in our classroom?" Here are the students' responses:

We then broke up into small groups to draw and observe the different lighting in the classroom. The children have been working on showing the details of their observation sketches. We also turned off the lights, so the children got to experience the full shine!
Here, J.C and X.I observe and draw the lamp in the classroom
G.P draws the projector
K.M also draws the projector
While observing the projector, several students noticed that it was warm. K.M said the projector "feels hot."
K.W drew the light table
A.K and J.A observe the natural lighting from the window
J.M draws the string lights in the room. She captures the shapes of the string lights!
D.K observes the lamp. It's a bit hard to see in this photo, but he draws lines radiating from the bulb!
A.K captures the string lights and how they border the bulletin board.
J.A also depicts the art work on the bulletin board which are surrounded by the string lights.
D.K, T.W and A.R sketch the projector
J.M and G.S sketch the lamp
T.D, K.W and O.S observe the string lights
Following this, I introduced and modeled an activity for our writing center tomorrow. I created labels with the vocabulary terms: sun, lamp, ceiling lights, string lights, light box and projector. With teacher assistance, the students will get to cut out the labels, glue them to the matching sketch and then they can read their own labels! John modeled with his light sketches.

During nap time, I got to do this activity with D.K.
Tomorrow, we will take our clipboards out for some fieldwork around the school. We'll be visiting the hallways, the library, the cafeteria, the gym and the auditorium to explore lighting in our school.

We are currently conducting our second quarter assessments and report cards will be given out again Friday, February 3rd. I apologize in advance for shortened blog posts or lack of blog posts from now until then!

We've been working together to recognize numbers! Here is a fun game to help children with their number recognition!