Thursday, January 26, 2012

Light switch diagrams

I purchased a bunch of light switches from Home Depot last night and the kids got to look at them closely today and create diagrams.
We discussed what we noticed about the light switches such as the words on some of the switches, some students noticed that one kind of switch was skinny and another was fat. A lot of students noted that they have the round light switch button that can also turn in their own homes. We passed around the variety of switches for the students to flip, press and explore.
I also purchased some light switch plates for the students to see and they were able to fit the light switch under the plate.
Following our discussion, the children had an opportunity to create diagrams of the light switches. They used large white paper, pencils and black permanent markers (to trace afterwards). While creating their diagrams, they got to work with the switches further.

Here are some of the completed diagrams-
G.S' diagram-he draws the circles he sees on the light switch fixture
J.C makes his diagram of the light switch skinny just like the actual fixture
K.M draws the bolts attached to the light switch
K.W adds the words ON and OFF to his diagram
D.K creates the rectangular shape of the light switch
A.K's diagram of the light switch shows the connection from the switch to the light
T.D draws the hardware on the light switch fixture
T.S drew the circle light switch/button
  We also added a sight word to our word wall today-"on." The word is especially relevant now as we are learning about how to turn lights on. Several of the kids added the word to their diagrams. We also practiced writing our new sight word together.
Practicing the word ON
During center time, I placed all the light switches in a basket at the science center for the students to experiment further with. The light switch fixtures also give students hands on experience with real materials without disrupting the lighting in our classroom. :)
A.R flips the light switch on and off
Tomorrow, we will be creating our light switches representations using a variety of materials and beautiful junk. Also, tomorrow is hats for hunger day. For a $1 donation, your child can wear a favorite hat in school tomorrow! MMmmm...a perfect day for reading Caps for Sale!