Thursday, January 12, 2012

Looking at the parts of a light

After looking at so many different kinds of lighting, we took a part one of the lamps in our classroom to get a closer look at the various items it takes to get a light to work. We started with a simple lamp and hopefully we can progress to a more complex light fixture. I saw showed the students a cross section of the lamp with the parts labeled. I didn't get a chance to take a photo of this, but I will make sure to take one tomorrow!
The class watched as I unscrewed the light bulb  and took parts of the lamp off. As we did this, we used the cross section poster as reference. One of the first parts we got a up-close view of was the lamp shade along with the harp (the metal wire which helps to support the lamp shade).
G.S examining the lamp shade
G.P feels the lamp shade
T.D looks through the top of the lamp shade to see the harp
Next, we looked at the base and neck of the lamp.
D.K feels the neck of the lamp
My husband's aunt generously donated an old play castle, which is now a part of the block center. Using flashlights, I had the children play "Light the castle," so they used the lights as spotlights!
K.W places the flashlight in one of the towers to light it from the bottom
D.K lights the items in the castle
At the light table, the students explored various items that had transparent qualities to them. Viewing these things with the light can change the the look of them.
At the science center, students were allowed to explore a variety of lights from a lantern, various flashlights and much more. I also bought some faux candles-no fire needed to light them-they use batteries! Side note-students are fully aware that they aren't allowed to play with plugs or to unplug anything. All plugs in the classroom that are not being used have plug covers on them.

With the two-hour delay today, we had a relatively light day. The students got to freely explore the centers and Kacey and I got to complete some second quarter assessments. We are just so proud of all the progress each student has made! :) We can't wait to share it with all the families during the next parent teacher meetings!

Tomorrow is unity day at our school and in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, every one is asked to wear black and white. We will be learning aboutDr.  Martin Luther King Jr. tomorrow! We'll also be learning how to sort, which is an important skill the class will be using in our light project! Also, if you haven't returned it yet, if you would like your child to receive a vision screening-the form is due tomorrow!