Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Memory Sketches of Light

What a cold morning!! Everyone came in super bundled! Following our morning meeting, we warmed up with some yoga! I'm loving at how the kids are becoming experts with some of the poses!
K.W doing downward dog
T.S doing upward dog
A.R doing the tree pose-the kids have gotten great at doing this!
J.C doing "invisible"(awkward) chair pose. K.W noted that doing this pose works out his legs!
J.M doing child's pose
This week, we are starting on the first phase of our light project which is immersion. The Reggio Emilia approach focuses on allowing the children to have control and direction of their learning, with the teachers as facilitators. I chose lights/shadows as a study for the class because prior to the holiday break I noticed a lot of children showing great interest in the lights-the holiday lights on the tree and around the community, the light table and even turning the classroom's light switch on and off. It is an incredibly tangible and unique topic and I am excited to see where this project will lead us. I am crossing my fingers that I can arrange a field trip to a local lighting store.
Today, I brought in a variety of lights for the children to look at. There were flashlights, a lamp, a lantern, a touch light, a night light, a book light, a miniature light box and of course our light table. The kids loved playing with the different lights. Of course, we turned off the lights to get the full effect of the lights!
K.W and T.W explore the handheld flashlight
G.P looks at the book light
O.S looks at the touch light
Following our simple exploration of the lights, we worked on creating memory sketches about lights-I asked the students to think of a memory they have with a light-possibly a light source they have in their home or they have seen before. Tomorrow, we will be doing some shared writing and brainstorm different items that create light!
Memory sketch by T.W. "The light shines a sun for me every morning when I wake up."
Memory sketch by J.A. "This is my night light. I am sleeping in my bed and my mommy kisses me to sleep."
Memory sketch by X.I. "The light n my desk. I use it so I can see in the dark."
Memory sketch by G.A. "The lamp in my room. I use it for seeing my books."
Memory sketch by K.W. "When I wake up, I see my lamp shining."
Memory sketch by A.R "I turn off the light when I go to school"
Memory sketch by O.S "I'm laying down. The light is in the ceiling"
Memory sketch by G.P "We open and the light turns on. I sit on the chair."
Memory sketch by T.S "This is a light I have at home. It's in the records room."
Memory sketch by D.K "A train crossing. It's red. It means stop, because a train is coming. The lights blink."