Thursday, January 5, 2012

Observational Drawings

We learned Warrior 1 today! :)

Continuing on with our immersion phase, the class reviewed the variety of lights we have in our classroom. We brainstormed together to create a light of all the things we could think of that create light. Here is the list, the class came up with!
Hopefully, we can add to the list when we take exploratory walks through the school and (hopefully if weather permits) and around the outside of the school too.
We also worked on observational drawings today to get more familiar with the variety of lights. I encouraged the students to turn the lights on and off.
Here are some of the observational drawings:
J.M's observational sketch of flashlights
O.B's observational sketch of flashlights and the light box
G.S's observational sketch of a flashlight
G.A's observational sketch of flashlights
J.A's observational sketch of the lantern
A.R's observational sketch of the flashlight and the star touch light (to the right)
With the new year here, Kacey and I decided it was time to start working on more focused small groups to target individual needs. Kacey will be working in the math center on number recognition and I will be working in the writing center on letter recognition. We encourage you to work with your children at home on noticing numbers. Today during morning meeting, we talked about how numbers are everywhere-computers, phones, etc. Also, work with your child at home on reviewing the letters of the week! We have learned so far: s, t, p, y, u, x, w, and f.

Here is a photo of our new bulletin board with the students' memory sketches from yesterday! I will be adding photos of the students' exploring lights once they are processed. :)

During some extra time before lunch, I showed the students a preview of the fun experiments we will starting next week by showing how we can change the color of lights with color paddles. I placed a red color paddle over a flashlight and they were amazed at the color changes! We will explore what else we can do to change light!
Tomorrow, we will create a list of questions we want to know about light and/or shadows and we will use that as a foundation for our project!
Reminder-tomorrow is school spirit day-wear your TOAST tshirt if you can! :)