Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shadow Mosaics

Using the shadows we traced out yesterday from the light of the projector, we created shadow mosaics. Using a variety of papers with different textures, students glued them within their own shadows to create a mosaic. Our box of beautiful junk was also available to them as well.
J.M begins her mosaic
G.S adds newspaper clippings to his mosaic
X.I places strips of tissue paper to his mosaic
T.D and T.S work on their mosaics - I noticed a lot of the students liked working with newspaper clippings
A.K chooses to glue bubble wrap to her mosaic
T.W almost done with her mosaic
A.R fills her shadow with different papers
D.K's shadow mosaic
T.D's shadow mosaic
The shadow mosaics are beautiful! A couple of them are on display outside in the hallway and some will be displayed on the bulletin boards by our closets.
The shadow mosaics on display in the hallway
During centers today, I introduced this DIY shadow box for the students to create shadows with and tell stories with. This was made using a large old shoe box and some parchment paper. I cut out a rectangle from the bottom, leaving a frame and taped on some parchment paper to cover the cutout. With some small figurines and toys, the students were able to create stories and notice shadows!
The class really enjoyed the shadow box, so I may have to create more (pending a search for more shoe boxes).
I am hoping tomorrow we'll be able to go outside to discover shadows created from natural light.