Friday, January 6, 2012

Thinking of Questions

We started off the morning with a read aloud from T.W's mom! She read a really adorable story, which the kids loved-thank you for coming in!

For our morning yoga, we learned warrior 2! It was our first day with this pose, so as we go we have been refining the poses :) The kids always find child's pose very relaxing! Ahhhh-what a great way to start our day!

To end our immersion unit and prepare ourselves for phase 2 of our light project, we thought of some questions we wanted to know or explore about lights. Here are the questions that the class came up with:

As we were coming up with questions, there were some interesting connections made about lights. O.B, one of the several Batman fans in the classroom, brought up how the Bat signal is a light that is in the shape of a bat.
This lead to some side discussion about how this light makes Batman come to the rescue and etc. But it did lead to an excellent question-How do you make shapes with light?
With a quick look at the list of questions, I can already see lots of exploration with switches, bulbs, electricity, etc. I'm excited for what's to come!
During project time, I allowed the students to sketch freely about lights. While conferring with a table of students-I witnessed a wonderful moment between two students. T.D wrote the word "the" in her sketchbook and T.S noticed this and began to write the word too! It was great to see the students learning from one another. I captured some of it in this video clip, this is actually the first time I've seen T.D write a word so I was really amazed.

T.S wrote "The" too!
Here is O.B's sketch of the bat signal and A.R's sketch of a colorful flashlight:

We also played a fun word wall search game using our flashlights. With the flashlight, the students had to shine the light on a word and read it. The class had a lot of fun with this!

We also got some of the donors choose packages today for our light project including our new classroom projector! What is great about the projector is that we can take off the top and see the wiring and light bulb inside which will give the class a perfect view of how the light in the projector works. The light is also super strong so we'll able to create shadow stories and shadow portraits such as these: to name a few.

Our second grade buddy readers had a movie day today so buddy reading will resume next week! I'm crossing my fingers that warm weather will come back next week so our class can go outside for some playground/outdoors time! When we come back on Monday, the students will be walking around the classroom to to observe the lighting. Have a fantastic weekend! :)