Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Turn on the lights!

I love shared reading! We've been reading this poem for awhile now and all the students have become experts that they can read it independently. I hung this poem up in our classroom library for students to read. Above is a video clip of O.B reading the poem. Watch at how he points under the words and what he reads matches what he points to!
(Sorry for the sideways view--I keep forgetting that when I record and upload-the view doesn't adjust!)
I can't wait to introduce a new poem to the class this week!

Previously, the class came up with a lot of questions to explore for our light project. One of these questions was, "How do we turn on the light?" and there's many ways we can! Today, we started by finding out how we can turn on the lights in our classroom! I also took this opportunity to teach sequencing to students and sequence vocabulary (first, next, last). We started by experimenting and talking about the steps we needed to take to turn on the lights.

Some of the students flipped one switch at a time (there are two to turn on all the lights in the classroom), some flipped both switches simultaneously with two hands and some only switched on one set of lights.
Together, we sequenced the steps for turning the lights on and off.

After, the children used a sequencing sheet to reflect on the steps to turn the lights on and off.
X.I drew himself turning on the lights
D.K's drawing--he also drew string lights above the light switch
J.A copied the sequence words before drawing
Tomorrow, we will be looking into how we turn on other kinds of lights and comparing the similarities and differences!

Special welcome to Miss Jocelyn who will be visiting and helping out our classroom on certain days! She came in to our classroom this morning to observe and the kids loved having her!

Tomorrow is our school's open house for perspective families. If you have another child at home that will be entering school next year and wish to consider our school, please come by either in the morning 9:30-1:30 or in the evening from 6-7:30pm.