Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What lights do we have at home?

Morning yoga-upward dog
We learned camel today-A.R did a wonderful camel pose to show everyone
Today, we reviewed some of the surveys about lights the children have at home. It was wonderful to see the drawings of the various lights they have at home. We gathered the information to create a bar graph. Each child got to input some data by placing an answer on the bar graph.

After all the bar graph was complete, we talked about what kind of lights do most people have at home (lamps) and what kind of lights do people have the least (it was a tie between holiday lights and candles). We also counted up all the responses and the kids got to write the total for each kind of lighting.
Completed bar graph

Tomorrow, we will sequence turning on and off lights and if there is time, we will start our Lunar New Year projects and create dragons. I'm excited to teach the class about Lunar New Year-it's my favorite holiday! :)