Thursday, January 19, 2012

The year of the dragon

yoga pose of the day-camel. J.A stretches his spine
I introduced the Lunar New Year holiday to the class today and I was thrilled that they were excited to learn about it! One thing I absolutely love about the holiday is seeing the dragon/lion dances at the New Year parades! So it was exhilarating for me to share that with the class. My parents always told me that the dragons/lions scared away the bad luck for the new year. Today, we created dragon masks just like the ones worn at a parade. We used paper plates, streamers, patterned paper, scrap paper, googly eyes, glitter, pom poms and assorted beautiful junk for this activity.
K.W, J.M, G.S, and G.P work on their dragon masks

T.S cuts out paper to create teeth for his mask
K.M puts some beautiful junk on her mask
J.C with his dragon mask

J.M showing her dragon mask
G.P with her dragon mask
G.S with his dragon mask
D.K shows his dragon mask
O.S' dragon mask
J.A's dragon mask

 Here is a photo of the dragon head worn for celebrations such as parades:
And here are the ones created by our class---everyone did a fantastic job!

Here is a video clip of an actual performance from New York City's Chinatown 2 years ago--
Tomorrow, we'll continue learning about the Lunar new year and decorating paper lanterns. We'll be integrating our light project and the holiday with this activity. I ordered small white paper lanterns such as these and the class will be using watercolor paints to decorate them. With a rope light, I will show them how these paper lanterns can be similar to lamps! I was deciding what kind of food to share with the students to celebrate the lunar new year and decided on teaching the students how to create veggie rolls. My husband is an adopted Korean and I've been trying to introduce him to all kinds of Korean foods and this new year, I'm making him kimbap, which is Korean style sushi. This is fun and easy to do! The kids will be rolling rice in seaweed and putting in their choice of sliced cucumber, carrot and mushrooms into their roll. I'll also be bringing in my rice cooker (my favorite kitchen appliance!) to show the students how I make rice!

Monday is the actual holiday but I will be taking a personal day so I can spend the holiday with my family in New York City.

In other news, I found out today that our classroom will be getting a part time student teacher! I'm excited to meet her! She is a student at The College of St. Rose. I know the kids will be excited to meet her too! :)

If you're interested in more Lunar New Year activities, the World Awareness Children's Museum is holding several related activities. Click here for more info. The Pine Hills branch of the Albany Public Library (517 Western Ave.) will be celebrating the Lunar New Year with food, crafts and music this Saturday at 1pm.