Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The beginnings of our light representations

Today, the Northeast Kidney Foundation came to our classroom to talk to our class about kidney disease in preparation for March being National Kidney Month. They asked our class to help the patients in our area by collecting pennies and other coins to help the community with education and prevention efforts. A letter was sent home in each child's folder explaining this school-wide effort!
Women from the Northeast Kidney Foundation visit our class
Today,  we began our light creations using re-purposed tubes to create the base for our lights and tissue paper to mold our light bulbs.
A.K decorates the base of her light
G.P decorates the base of her light
J.M decorates the base of her light
J.C decorates his base
X.I decorates his base
G.A adding a bulb to her light
Tomorrow, we will be working with wire! Wire is one of the fundamental materials of the Reggio Emilia philosophy (clay is the other!) and I am incredibly excited to have the students work with it tomorrow. It can be a beautiful medium for intricate work! I talked briefly about it today. T.D actually said that wire can be dangerous and I told her while some wires are, the ones we will be using is safe for children. I passed around fun wire for the students to touch and experience. They seemed excited about it so much that many asked about using it today! The students will be using wire to create the wire work seen on many lights. I can't wait to see what they come up with!