Thursday, February 16, 2012

Candle representations

I talked to the class today about the final phase of our project which is sharing our project and all the things we learned, the answers to our questions and most importantly how we reached those answers. This will be similar to a publishing party. We'll be making the classroom into a museum walk and having students share stories on the overhead projector. Families and friends will be invited. The tentative date for this is Thursday, March 1st. I'll send a letter home after the break once the date is finalized. It will be a wonderful celebration of the students' learning throughout this project! I'm hoping to also have an activity that families can do with their students, too.

We began the first of our light representations-candles! We had a discussion about where we see candles. A.R said that she has a candle at home that "smells like good stuff." D.K said he has candles in his dining room. O.S talked about a candle in the shape of a 4 for his birthday. Using clay, the students created their own candles and with mini popsicle sticks and assorted beautiful junk-they added details of the wick and melted wax and even the flame. The completed representations will be on display at our lights celebration!
Our candle diagram
A.R molding her clay
T.S uses his hands to mold the clay
G.P creates her candle
J.M with her candle representation
K.W pounds his clay
J.C's candle representation
A.K pinches the clay
A.R uses beautiful junk to add details
A closer look
D.K uses red streamers from our beautiful junk box to create the melted wax

During center time today, I also placed valentine hearts in the math center to have students sort. These sort boxes are actually frames I found at the local dollar store! 
A.K and G.S sorting hearts
In the classroom library, students perused books on the recent holidays and on lights.

Tomorrow is our trip to the Home Depot on central ave. The students will be bringing their clipboards to research a variety of lights that we didn't have access to in school. It'll be an exciting adventure outside of the classroom to gain a new and different understanding of lights!
We'll be sending home nap blankets and pillows to be washed over the winter break. :)