Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Indoor shadows

Shared reading of the day---J.M reads to the class "I am me!"
I did a lot of shared reading with my kindergarteners over the past years and it's great for getting ready to read! The poems I've used so far were actually ones I used for kindergarten in the beginning of the year. The children are becoming experts at reading this one too! We'll be using the poems to learn sight words.

Unfortunately, the weather was not working with us this morning and the overcast prevented us from seeing any shadows. Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow morning so we can finally see shadows created from natural light. The weather, currently is beautiful so I'm crossing my fingers that it stays like this for awhile.
We were able to experiment with creating shadows of various objects in the classroom. With the flashlights and other lighting sources, the students were able to control the distance from the light source to the object and experimented on making shadows bigger and smaller. They also worked as a team to trace out the shadows of the objects, with one student holding the light while the other traced out the shadow.
T.D holds the flashlight, while T.S traces the shadow
J.M traces the shadow of the toy horse
After doing this activity for a bit, we realized the shadows were difficult to view and trace so we turned off the lights, which resulted in much better results.
J.C holds the light as A.R traces the shadow of the toy cow
D.K traces the shadow of the gorilla
T.S holds the light for T.D as she traces
X.I traces the shadow of the dinosaur
Here are some of the completed shadow tracings--
J.M's octopus shadow
J.C's dinosaur shadow
T.D's shadows
Tomorrow, we'll be talking about groundhog's day! We'll be creating groundhogs that pop up! We'll also be making predictions on if the groundhog will see his shadow this year and what that means! I'm hoping the groundhog doesn't sees his shadow! :)