Monday, February 13, 2012

Making Valentines for friends

Just a couple of announcements before the blog post about today's activities.
-There was no homework sent home today because the copy machine was broken-so hopefully it will be up and running again soon!
-Tomorrow is Valentine's day. We will be having a mini celebration at the end of the day (1:45pm) to give out valentines and to have cupcakes (I'm baking!) and juice. If you would like to come, just shoot me a quick email to let me know! :)
-I told the class but they can wear red, white and/or pink for Valentine's!

We will be taking a mini break from our light project to work on some valentine's day activities. Today, as a class we worked on creating valentines for our friends in the class. I taught the students to use the word wall to find their friends' names to copy. The word wall got a lot of use today and the students became experts at writing each others' names!
Using the word wall to write our friends' names
The students also drew and cut out their own hearts. I showed them two different ways-drawing a whole heart or drawing half on a folded paper. It was interesting to see the variety of shapes of hearts that were created!
A.K cuts out her heart

K.W cuts out his heart
A.R draws a heart
The students got to use a variety of art materials including tissue paper, foam stickers, glitter, markers, etc. Here are some of the students showing their completed valentines!

T.S shows his valentine he made for T.D
J.A shows his valentine he made for A.R
K.M's valentine for T.S
D.K's valentine for T.S
Our valentine mail box