Friday, February 10, 2012

The pledge, pattern edge scissors, estimation and much more!

Sorry everyone for not blogging last night-I had difficulty posting photos and had to upgrade my image server! But all is well now---back to blogging!

The stomach bug has been going around again! :O I hope everyone's tummy stays healthy! A bunch of children have been out and not feeling well with tummy issues.

Thursday, we worked on estimating and I introduced a new daily activity for the class. We started off by talking about what estimating was (making a smart guess of how many without counting) and how we can do it! It helps us to count things if we're in a rush, too.
The students had to estimate how many teddy bears were in this jar
Our estimation chart with everyone's estimations
G.A estimated 4 teddy bears
T.S estimated 10 teddy bears and G.S estimated 2 teddy bears
The students all had near accurate estimations ranging from 2-10. After everyone shared their estimation, we counted the total together to see if our estimations were close. Everyday at the end of our school day, we will all estimate how many animal crackers there are in a ziploc baggie, the student(s) with the closest estimation will take the baggie home! We're all practicing on starting our estimations with, "I estimate..."

We also got a bunch of brand new books that some of the students can work on reading on their own. Their simple story books with repetition and patterned sentences which are great for early readers. I've been working with students individually to see if they're ready for reading, but I want the whole class to have access to these wonderful new books (most of the class can find a word they can read in them!).
G.A, G.P, T.D and A.K reading the new books in the library

Exciting news-K.W lead the pledge of allegiance this morning for the whole school!! He's the first PreK student to do so this year! The students have slowly been picking up the words of the pledge every morning. We also now stand with our hands on our hearts and look at the flag during the pledge in the morning. We noticed that K.W was mouthing out the whole pledge every morning and through the grapevine-the office found out and invited him to lead the pledge! This morning, I accompanied him to the office along with two friends he picked to go with him-T.S and G.P and we all watched as K.W did the pledge. Everyone was very impressed! When he came back into the classroom, everyone gave him high five's and compliments! We're all so proud! :)

Today, we started off our day by working on recycling and reusing our old crayons to create new heart crayons! The crayons we've had in our boxes the class has been using since the beginning of the year so I told them a new way we can reuse these crayons is to melt them and make new crayons! Our first step is to unwrap the crayons so we can safely put them in the oven! I'll be putting them in molds in the oven and on Tuesday, I'll be handing out the new and crayons for the students to take home! :)
A.R unwrapping a crayon
J.C unwrapping a crayon
This table works together to unwrap
We also began our first valentines for Valentine's Day! The class got to create valentines for their buddy readers! Each child receive the name(s) of their buddy reader(s) to help guide their writing.
O.B writes the name of his buddy reader on a heart
I introduced two new materials for the students to work with in creating their valentines-pattern edged scissors and gel pens. The pattern edged scissors were great for the students to work with because they have a thicker grip than regular scissors and it was fun to see the class react to the cutting results. A.K and A.R both remarked that it their hearts didn't come out straight! Great noticing! We told them it was because of the scissors!
X.I cuts with the pattern edged scissors
A.K uses the gel pen to decorate her valentine
G.P decorates her valentine-notice the "I love you" in the corner
The completed valentines for our buddy readers
When our buddy readers came, everyone was so happy! The second graders gave their buddy readers a hand written card and our class gave them their hearts! It was a wonderful exchange. The buddy readers also read the cards to their partners.
T.S and his buddy reader A
G.A with her buddy readers-N and J
G.P and her buddy reader L
G.S' buddy reader S reads his card to him
X.I and his buddy reader Z
J.C with his buddy reader A
O.S and his buddy reader R
T.D and her buddy reader Z
Next week-we'll be making more valentines for our family and friends! We'll be having a small celebration in our classroom Tuesday afternoon to pass out the valentines. I'll also be baking the class valentine cupcakes. I didn't plan on inviting family members since it won't be a full-blown celebration, but if you would like to attend (it will probably be around 1:45 on Tuesday), just let me know! :)