Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Prisms & Mirrors

We had a lot of music in our classroom today! I received some new music CDs from my professional development meeting last night and wanted to share the music with the class. I received several Greg and Steve discs and there were lots of wonderful songs for dancing and singing and even some for calming down!

Today, for our light project we explored prisms and mirrors and what they do to light. We first tested out the prism and placed the prism above the flashlight to see what would happen. The class noticed that the one circle from the flashlight turned into several smaller shapes and it moved.
G.S places the prism above the flashlight
K.W looks at the ceiling to see what happened
The resulting light on the ceiling
We then tried to see what would happen to the light when we shined it on a mirror.  We noticed that the mirror blocked the light and it ended up in the opposite direction of where it was shined. I introduced the class to the terms reflect and refract. We'll be conducting another experiment to find out what other objects reflect/refract light! If you have any items at home that reflect, feel free to bring them for your child to share. Tomorrow, we will think of things that reflect light!
Our reflection/refraction chart
For our word study, we learned the word "me." We've been reading the poem "I am me" together. We are adding the word "me" to our word wall and today we worked on writing the word!
K.M and D.K wrote these words!