Monday, February 27, 2012

Returning from Winter break!

Hi! I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break! For some reason this break felt long--Kacey and I were both remarking at how tall the kids seem to have gotten (even though we know it's only been a week!) We got right back into school with going over routines and our daily schedule. After breakfast, we went to the museum room where Ms. Ingleston went over magnifying glasses, microscopes and binoculars. Each child got to look through all three!
We also did some shared writing and wrote a thank you card for Home Depot. We passed the card around for the students to each sign.

The note says, "Dear Home Depot, Thank you! It was fun finding and drawing lights! Thank you for letting us see the lights. Thank you Mr. Shane for answering our questions! Love, T.O.A.S.T PreK" 

Tomorrow, we will be picking up where we left off with creating representations of lights. Tomorrow, we will be creating the bases of our lights/lamps. I sent a letter home today in every child's folder containing information about our light project celebration! Please let us know if you'll be able to make it :)
Reminder--please bring back nap blankets for the students to sleep with. We try to keep the room a cool temperature for comfort.