Monday, February 6, 2012

Shadow stories

Giants won!! Truthfully, the Super Bowl is the only time I watch football and it's usually for the commercials. I watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal planet last night. It's definitely a game I will be following every year! :) Today, some of the kids told us the outcome of the game-Giants won! We checked this with the predictions we made on Friday and most of the class was correct! The majority of our class said the Giants would win, so our prediction as a class was right!

We read Shadow Night by Kay Chorao, which had a shadow story within the story.
While listening to the story, we followed the pictures to create the shadows ourselves and created the shadows of the story along with the story. After, we turned on the projector to create the animal shadows we learned.
O.S creates the shadow of a spider
G.P creates the shadow of a snail
D.K creates the shadow of a goose
J.A creates the shadow of an alligator
T.S creates the shadow of an elephant
It was fun for the class to use their hands for storytelling! At home, you can do this simple activity with a light and a white surface. The kids can practice their animals at home or you can think of new ones! We learned how to do snail, spider, alligator, dog, bird, elephant and goose.

Following this, we used a variety of block toys to create stories on the projector with the shadows. The class was really engaged both in thinking of stories and in listening to their friends' stories.
K.W tells a story about a pig who splashes in the mud.
O.S tells a story about a cow who meets up with a boy. 
O.S tells a story about a hippo who tries to eat a girl, but a gorilla comes to save her!
A.K tells a story about a girl and a dog.
T.S tells a story about a princess who lives in a dark castle.

The weather was beautiful outside today! The children remarked how they saw their shadows! When we passed by the tree, the students said that the tree's shadow is much bigger than my shadow!