Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super bowl predictions

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I loved the sunshine today! CJ and I took Brian to Saratoga's Chowderfest to taste some chowder- both for humans and dogs.
Brian eating dog chowder
We love taking every opportunity to have Brian meet other dogs!
Brian meets a poodle
We had a busy Friday! In celebrating Black History Month, local successful African Americans have been visiting our school to talk to students about their jobs! A local phlebotomist came by and spoke to us about his job!
The phlebotomist shows the students supplies he uses
J.M looks at the pediatric needles
O.S looks at the pediatric needles
He talked about the importance of looking at blood and the class learned a fun fact - that blood is actually blue inside the body!

During our morning meeting, I shared a bit about what the Super Bowl was and some of the students shared what they knew about football. K.W said, "You have to throw the ball and run." I talked briefly about the teams and where they were fun and showed the students some photographs of the game. We then took predictions about which team would win.
A.R predicts the Patriots will win
T.S predicts the Giants will win
G.A predicts the Giants will win
O.B predicts the Patriots will win
No surprise here! D.K predicts the Giants will win (He's wearing an Eli Manning jersey!)
Our final count- Giants (10) and Patriots (8)
After everyone placed their predictions on the chart, we made tally marks and totaled them up. The majority of our class predicted that the Giants will win! We'll talk on Monday to check if we're right!
I'm not a big football person, but I am excited to watch some of the commercials that will be airing-I've seen several previews with dogs in them! :) Next week, we'll be researching the question, "How do lights change colors?" and we'll be exploring light reflection too! By the end of next week, we'll begin creating light representations (either candles or string lights-depending on what the class decides!). We also didn't get the time to create shadow stories, so we'll be doing that Monday!

Also, report cards were sent home on Friday and they were placed inside each child's folder. Please review them and return the brown envelope that the report card was placed in signed. Parent teacher conferences will be in March so look for a note home soon to request a conference time. But if you have any questions and concerns that need to addressed immediately, please feel free to email me or talk to me when you see me! :)