Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What else reflects?

Some post Valentine's Day recap! The class had a lot of fun giving and receiving valentines! The photo I posted yesterday was a hug that O.B gave to G.S after G.S gave him a valentine. It's heart warming to see so much affection displayed in our class :) Several students brought in valentines and several created many valentines at school as well. The kids each got to create a special valentine bag to place all their valentines in.
J.M's valentine bag
J.A's valentine bag
G.A's valentine bag
They also got to create valentines for family members to take home. More practice with the pattern edged scissors!
D.K uses the pattern edged scissors to cut out his valentine
T.D wrote "Mom, I love you"
A.K outlines her valentine heart with marker
O.B writes on his valentine
At the end of the day before having cupcakes, the students got to hand out their valentines!

T.S hands G.S a valentine
strawberry cupcakes with each child's name on them
Everyone went home today with their heart-shaped recycled crayon, too!

Today, we went back into delving into our light project with further exploration into reflection. Last time, the students got to see what happened to lights when they shine at a mirror and learned the word reflect. We experimented today to see what else reflects (when the light bounces back) light. There was a variety of items to try out-a metal spoon, a metal lunchbox, some reflective ribbon, and CDs. Prior to shining the flashlight on the items, we had a discussion about what the students thought.

These discussions are really important not only in developing oral language but also to help increase vocabulary. I've been encouraging the students to explain why they think a certain way to promote higher level thinking and reflection. Such wonderful scientists!

Together, we watched as someone shined the flashlight on an object to see if they reflected the light. I took some video clips of our discussions following each light shine. Sorry if it's hard to see the reflection. We lowered some of the window shades to help see the faint reflections on the ceiling.
The students go to try this out on their own with a variety of lights and sketched out their observations.
A.K shines the flashlight on the lunchbox to look for the reflection
The sketches of their observations were interesting because of the many ways each child depicted reflection.
G.A's sketch
D.K's sketch
J.C's sketch illustrated reflection with varying sizes of circles
J.A added color to his sketch to show his vision of reflection
We'll be starting on our representations of light tomorrow starting with creating our own representations of candles with clay and beautiful junk. The class will also get to see what makes up a candle and how light is created (without of course lighting an actual candle-luckily, I have a faux battery powered candle).

Today was also another RIF (Reading is FUNdamental) day, where the students got to choose a book to take home and keep!

K.M reading
J.A reading
O.S reading
D.K reading
Happy reading!