Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What will change the color of light?

Today was a day of experimenting. For movement, I wanted to experiment playing smooth music during our yoga practice. I brought in a CD with music of the ocean. It was quite subtle and some of the class had difficulty hearing it (I may need a stronger boom box) but it did result in a quieter yoga practice. We also learned how to do the swan and shark pose  Here are some video clips of the class doing yoga!

We start off our yoga practice with breathing exercises

This is a clip of our warrior postures.

The Howe library/Pine Hills branch has a Yoga for kids program! Here is a flyer on the program, if you're interested! Much thanks to D.K's mom for telling me about this!

One of the questions the class wanted to explore for our light project involved changing the color of lights. Today, we conducted our first experiment involving color and lights. We predicted which item would change the color of the light-color paddles, construction paper, or fabric. Each child made a prediction on our chart. We also practiced more with tally marks in totaling up the number of predictions for each item.
A.R predicts the color paddle will change the color of the light
J.A predicts the color paddle will change the color of the light
Our prediction chart
We had a discussion about which item had the most predictions (color paddle) and which had the least (fabric). We then tested our prediction by conducting our experiment. The students noticed that both fabric and construction paper blocked the light but the color paddles changed the color of the light! The items from our experiment will be available for the students to try out in our science center this week! We will also be exploring more with lights and colors with prisms, mirrors, and kaleidoscopes!
I also introduced a new activity for our writing center. Using the projector to tell stories has been a big hit, so I showed the class how we can transfer our stories on to a transparency. We drafted a story in our sketchbooks. The class also worked on labeling our stories!

J.M labels herself with her name
X.I labels himself in his story with his name
T.D labels herself with her name and labels the slide with an S
J.A transfers his story onto a transparency
John shares his story from the transparency with the class. This is a great transition activity. We will have a student or two each day share their story from the transparency on the projector-more clips to come! :) 
Tomorrow, we will be exploring prisms and what happens to light with a prism!