Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wires & Snow

Wow! I can't believe we're finally getting a winter snow storm in March!! I don't know for sure whether there will be snow tomorrow or a delay or a full day but check my previous blog post about snow day resources to get updates!

We continued with our light representations today with the introduction of wire. It was wonderful to see how the wire fascinated the children-the ways in which they molded it and thought about what it would represent. Wire is also now available in our art studio for future use! The students also had access to the beautiful junk box to add details to their representations.
K.M molding the wire
T.S working with the wire
G.P's wire (the wire is gold-so it may be a bit hard to detect in the photo)
G.A works with the wire
O.S' light representation
J.A adds fruit wrapping to his light representation
While walking around to see the students' work, I noticed that a lot of the students chose the fruit wrappings (like O.S  and J.A above) to add details to their lights. Actually, the fruit wrappings are used often throughout other creations. I wonder if it's the texture or design of these wrappings that draws the students to this beautiful junk item.
O.B folds aluminum foil to add to his light
T.S chose streamers to create a shade for his light
X.I adding bubble wrap to his light--he said the button on his light was to turn the light on
G.P's light representation
A.R wrote the word "on" on her light
If you won't be able to attend our Turn on the Lights celebration this Friday to celebrate the end of our light project--I will be posting photos of all the students' work on the blog this weekend! :)

For word study today, we used words we have learned to put together a sentence. We've worked on labeling a picture of ourselves with our names and the word "me." Today, we used a sentence that the class is familiar with from one of our shared reading poems--"I am me." The students drew a picture to express this and were encouraged to write the sentence to show this.
O.B's writing
 Tomorrow is March! I updated the important dates page for March dates!