Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chick Update!

As of today, there are 9 chicks hatched!! 1 black and 8 yellow (some with stripes!)
I'll be using the other student suggestions for the chicks' names-Jessica, Moe, Tanela, Andy, Lalia and Jessie! I'll post more photos and a video the kids can watch later on!
Some of the chicks eating from their new chick feeder!

Friday, March 30, 2012

We've hatched!!!

YAY! I'm sure most of you have heard from your child or seen for yourselves---the class chicks have begun to hatch! When we arrived Thursday morning, one yellow chick was already out of its egg. By mid-day, two more chicks hatched! It's now Friday morning and we have 6 chicks!!! It looks like we may be getting more from what I can tell of the pecks in the other eggs! The class have been super excited! Their enthusiasm is infectious! It was amazing for them to experience and see a chick come out of the egg!
We invited Ms. Blanchard's class in to see the chicks
D.K looks into the incubator
There is one of the yellow chicks and if you can see closely-the black chick is coming out of its egg
K.W looks into the incubator
T.D looks into the incubator
J.C looks into the incubator
The two chicks
J.A looks into the incubator
We came up with name suggestions for the chicks
The class voted on naming our first yellow chick-Jessica and our first black chick-Moe! After we voted, another yellow chick hatched! We'll be decided on names for the rest on Monday! I'm taking the chicks home over the weekend to ensure that they eat and drink. I'll try to upload some photos and videos over the weekend on how they are doing! I'll be moving them into a brooder too, so on Monday it'll be much easier for the class to view the chicks!

We had another student in our class recite the pledge of allegiance over the loudspeaker to the whole school! T.S did a wonderful job with the pledge and we are all so proud of him. Check out the following clip of him doing the pledge of allegiance!

We listened to a story called Daisy comes home by Jan Brett for our book talk. It's a great book about a girl in China who owns chickens and one, named Daisy accidently loses her way. We had some great turn and talk conversation during the book! We made predictions about what would happen to Daisy.

We got to talk about measuring today! We started off talking about why we measure and measuring tools. A bunch of students mentioned tape and a ruler! We looked at the different tools and we learned that when we measure, we can find out the size of something! We learned how to measure with small blocks. This is actually an activity I've done with my previous kindergarten classes and I was so impressed with how great our class handled the task! They were excited and measured properly with the nonstandard units! They were also great at working in partnerships! Working with their partners, they had to trace each other's foot. Following this, they used the blocks to see how long their feet were in blocks! The students also learned that when we measure, it's important to go from one end to the other end.
T.D models using the blocks to measure
D.K writes how many blocks the foot is (8)

J.A traces T.D's foot

T.W traces X.I's foot
T.S traced A.K's foot
O.B traces K.M's foot
D.K traces G.A's foot
T.W counts how many blocks her feet is
O.B's foot measured 7 small blocks!
A.K's foot also measured 7 small blocks
D.K counting how many blocks his foot is
The class had a lot of fun measuring! We'll have to think up more things we can measure! Next week, we'll measure everyone's heights and compare!

Thank you to all the families that came out for the junior science expo to support our students' science fair project! Many other teachers stopped and told me how wonderful the chick house was and I was proud of all the hard work the students put into it. If you didn't get a chance to see it-I'll have it out in our classroom for next week!
Our class' display at the junior science expo
 T.S also brought in a science experiment he conducted at home! He wanted to see which magnet would collect the most paper clips!
T.S' poster board

Photos of his experiment
He also created a bar graph!
Here he is explaining his project to Mr. Flynn
Hope everyone is enjoying their day off! Check back to see an update of the classroom chicks!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reminders for tomorrow!

We are wrapping up the third quarter assessments, so I didn't have an opportunity to snap that many photos today. Tonight's blog post will be short! A couple of reminders for tomorrow
  • The coin buckets for the Northeast Kidney Foundation Drive are due tomorrow!! 
  • Tomorrow evening is Math, Science and Technology Night and Junior Science Fair (large gym) from 5:30-7:30pm. Our chick house will be at the junior science fair/expo and T.S will also be bringing in a science project from home!
  • The Scholastic book fair will also be happening tomorrow all day. If you can't make it tomorrow night, you may bring money in an envelope for your child to purchase the books during the day. 
  • There is NO SCHOOL this Friday for the students. It is a staff conference day.
We took this of everyone with the chick house to post on our poster board!

For a close up of our poster board and the chick house, try to stop by tomorrow evening! The class worked hard on creating the chick house, designing, building, decorating and labeling!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PreK writers!

A short blog post tonight! Third quarter assessments are underway and Kacey and I are amazed by the improvements made by each child! During writing today, I brought out the student's first week self portraits and compared them side by side with today's writing piece. For writing today, the students worked on writing a sentence with the word "am." I also drew a blue line for them to get acquainted with writing a sentence across the paper. We also talked about periods "dots" to mark the end of sentences. Comparing the self portraits from September to today's writing, you can tell how much the students have grown!
T.S wrote, "I am T.."
G.A's writing
O.B's writing. He drew himself on a spaceship today! He also labeled the spaceship with "SPASP"
T.D drew a family member!
J.A wrote "I am Mae (Mommy)"
D.K wrote "I am D..." He drew himself as a train conductor.
J.M wrote "I am a DG (dog)"
K.M wrote "I am ISC (ice-cream)"
G.P wrote "I am G..."
A.K wrote "I am A..."
A.R wrote "I am A..."
G.S wrote "I am ROIS (dinosaur)
We also finished labeling our chick house for the science fair! We also worked together to place the labels in the appropriate places.
T.S sticks on the ramp label
The ramp label
G.S sticks on the door label
Tomorrow, we'll be learning about measuring with nonstandard units! We'll be measuring our partner's feet with small blocks! Using what we will learn, we will be measuring other items around the classroom. Also, we're getting closer to hatch day! Today, we took the chick eggs out of the automatic egg turner--

Monday, March 26, 2012

Adding details to the chick house

This week, we learned a new way to say hello-Aloha!
Today, the kids got to practice yoga with their own yoga mats! Thanks to donors choose, our class received a class set of yoga mats! It made such a difference for our yoga practice. Some yoga poses became easier and some took adjusting to with the mats. I'm glad our class has the mats now, it definitely (at least for me) felt more yoga-like!
We first talked about how to hold the yoga, how to unroll and roll up the yoga mat.
J.C shows the class how to hold the yoga mat
K.M holds the yoga mat properly

D.K holding the yoga mat

The kids unrolling their yoga mats
Warming up with some arm stretches
J.M doing downward dog
Doing downward dog with a leg raise
Warrior 1
G.S doing triangle pose
J.A doing pigeon pose
During center time today, we had some special visitors in our classroom to help with our chick house! D.K's mom and little sister dropped by and helped out with adding details to the interior of the chick house! Using a variety of beautiful junk and art supplies, D.K's mom along with several students created tables, chairs, nests and a water fountain for the chicks! Much thanks to D.K's mom for volunteering her time to help out in our classroom!
G.S creates a table to use to place chick food using popsicle sticks and a recycled box
D.K's mom, D.K's sister, K.M and D.K working at the art center
The interior of the chick house

Sorry for the late blog post-I'm experiencing technical difficulties with my image server...sigh...technical difficulties is my biggest pet peeve! Some of the photos may not be showing...hopefully this problem will be fixed by tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we'll be doing more yoga and finishing up the chick house by making some labels! The children also learned the word "am" today so we'll be applying that in our writing. We'll also be taking the chick eggs out of the automatic egg turner and placing them on grate in the incubator in their natural positions. 4 more days till hatch!!!