Monday, March 26, 2012

Adding details to the chick house

This week, we learned a new way to say hello-Aloha!
Today, the kids got to practice yoga with their own yoga mats! Thanks to donors choose, our class received a class set of yoga mats! It made such a difference for our yoga practice. Some yoga poses became easier and some took adjusting to with the mats. I'm glad our class has the mats now, it definitely (at least for me) felt more yoga-like!
We first talked about how to hold the yoga, how to unroll and roll up the yoga mat.
J.C shows the class how to hold the yoga mat
K.M holds the yoga mat properly

D.K holding the yoga mat

The kids unrolling their yoga mats
Warming up with some arm stretches
J.M doing downward dog
Doing downward dog with a leg raise
Warrior 1
G.S doing triangle pose
J.A doing pigeon pose
During center time today, we had some special visitors in our classroom to help with our chick house! D.K's mom and little sister dropped by and helped out with adding details to the interior of the chick house! Using a variety of beautiful junk and art supplies, D.K's mom along with several students created tables, chairs, nests and a water fountain for the chicks! Much thanks to D.K's mom for volunteering her time to help out in our classroom!
G.S creates a table to use to place chick food using popsicle sticks and a recycled box
D.K's mom, D.K's sister, K.M and D.K working at the art center
The interior of the chick house

Sorry for the late blog post-I'm experiencing technical difficulties with my image server...sigh...technical difficulties is my biggest pet peeve! Some of the photos may not be showing...hopefully this problem will be fixed by tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we'll be doing more yoga and finishing up the chick house by making some labels! The children also learned the word "am" today so we'll be applying that in our writing. We'll also be taking the chick eggs out of the automatic egg turner and placing them on grate in the incubator in their natural positions. 4 more days till hatch!!!