Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Adding to our skyline!

Sorry for the late blog post tonight! I had to run some errands tonight!

Continuing with our city focus this week-the class created an apartment building to add to our "skyline." Using the last of our cardboard boxes-the students worked to create their own apartment building-adding windows and people and items within the windows.
J.A drew himself reading in the building
T.D starts drawing herself in the window
T.S drew himself in the window and labels with his name
T.D said to T.S while drawing, "T! We're neighbors!"
X.I drew himself in the building
J.C drew himself in a circular window between two other circular windows
G.P drew herself inside with a flower
G.S drew himself amongst windows
K.W drew himself with a toy
Our apartment building next to our skyscraper
Some children chose to work on painting the sytrofoam to add to our skyscraper. It was interesting to hear their conversation about what the sytrofoam would be used for (I have a clip following the photos!). It was great to see as time went on, more children wanted to join in and work on the styrofoam pieces. I also showed students a drawing of the Empire State building from one of the picture books about New York City, pointing out the top of the skyscraper.
D.K painting this styrofoam block black for the antennas/power lines
J.A painting the styrofoam
T.D painting
A.R and T.D painting one styrofoam block
The kids working on the sytrofoam
A drawing of the Empire State building

We also took suggestions for names for our skyscraper! We then voted! Our class skyscraper will now be known as the Big Bubble Building!

Tomorrow, we'll be drafting ideas for our chick house for next week's science expo! We'll be talking about things the chick house will need and the students will draw our plans for a chick house!