Monday, March 5, 2012

beginning our farm talk

The class has been working on lights for awhile that it was actually a bit strange for me to be talking about something else. First, I want to share something that we have added to our morning routine-shaking opposite hands, making eye contact and saying good morning/hello in a different language.  We've been working on "Buenos dias." Here is a video clip of this new routine! Next week, I'll be teaching the class "Bonjour!"

We read a big book filled with photographs of a farm and told us about the various animals on a farm. We identified the items in the photographs such as the animals, people, plants and buildings. The students then went off and drew something they would see at a farm and were encouraged to label it during our word study time.
T.S drew a barn-he labeled with a B
A.R drew a cat and labeled it with the word
J.M drew a rooster and labeled with an r
G.S drew a chicken
D.K drew a variety of items - he drew a cow, a pig, a monkey on a tree and a farm (he labeled it with an F)
O.B drew a horse and labeled with HRS
K.M drew a farm house and labeled with FMHS
D.K and G.A brought up a great point-they said they had trouble drawing certain farm animals because they never saw them before and never been to a farm. I'm hoping we can plan a trip to a nearby farm, pending funds, to give the class the experience of being at an actual farm.
We also had our first writing share. The students brought their work to the rug and talked about what they did.
Tomorrow will be very exciting! I had my husband break down some large boxes and the class will be painting and building our very own barn! We'll be using the barn in our dramatic play center!