Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Building the barn

We began putting together the foundation of our barn! We looked at photos of the farm and reviewed what we would find in the country. We looked at the broken down boxes together and worked in teams to paint the barn! The students painted vigorously!
X.I, G.A and D.K painting 
J.M and K.W paint the roof white
A.R, O.S and J.C painting
T.S, A.R, J.A and T.D painting
O.B, K.M and T.D painting
Another photo of D.K, X.I and G.A
T.S, A.K and J.A
Almost done! O.S, K.M and T.W
J.M and K.W painting the roof
After school, my husband helped put together some wood boards to give the barn more stability. It'll need another day to for the walls to dry to put together the other side. The roof will be more angled, only one box was dried in time to place on top of the wood boards in the photo.

Good news! I was stressing about this all week--but I was able to get chick eggs to hatch in our classroom! :D One of the farmers at Indian Ladder Farms is kindly offering some chick eggs for our class to incubate, hatch and take care of for awhile. I'll be getting the eggs on Thursday! I can't wait for the class to experience this aspect of farm life!
Tomorrow, we'll be adding details by creating vegetation and animals to our dramatic play center and soon to be "farm."  I wonder what the children will decide to add!
Also, I forgot to write on my blog last night but the children received their homework packets today because the copy machine was broken yesterday.