Monday, March 19, 2012

Building our skyscraper

Woah! Was it hot today or what? When we took the kids out to play today-I think I may have gotten a tan! The weatherman has projected high temperatures for this week so make sure you dress your child in comfortable clothing for the heat! If anything-layers would be great because they can just remove any clothing if they get hot.

Here is the video clip from last week that I mentioned. In it, K.W and A.K are playing at the water table pretending to be Mrs. Wishy Washy and scrubbing the dirty farm animals!

For our morning hand shake, I taught the children ni hao, which is how we greet each other hello in Chinese (Mandarin) but literally it means "how are you?" Here is a video clip of this morning's greeting--
I also shared some photos I took over the weekend from a drive to Vermont that I shared with the class. I shared with the class that I saw several barns on the way to Vermont! I passed around the camera for them to see--

We started our discussion about cities today. I asked the children what are some things they may find in a city. Here are some things they said--
A.R "a bus!"
J.A "We find people"
The class agreed we would find lots of people in the city but not a lot in the country.
D.K "We would find subways"
O.S "Train"
T.S "The Express!"

I showed the class some photographs from one of my favorite books, ABC NYC: A book about seeing New York City. The photography in this book is amazing and depicts New York City in great detail! I showed them photos of the New York City skyline, the Rockefeller building, the Chrysler building, the subways, and a variety of other buildings. J.C noticed that the Chrysler building had triangles on it!

We started creating our own skyline with building a tall skyscraper! We worked in teams again to paint large boxes!

Tomorrow, we will be adding details to our skyscraper-windows, balconies, decor, etc. The students will be using beautiful junk, a variety of paper and wire to add details. We'll also be naming our skyscraper!

A lot of important papers were sent home in each child's folder! There's the notice regarding our science expo project, a note regarding whether your child will be returning to TOAST next year and a letter regarding requests for next year's teachers/class. If you have any questions or comments about next year, please let me know.

I found this wonderful blog post about working with wire...I'm hoping to incorporate more wire work before the year ends! Wires have been placed in our art studio...I will be encouraging students to use it more for free creation!