Friday, March 16, 2012

Candling the chick eggs

Sorry if tonight is a short blog post! My little sister has come up for the weekend to visit! I'm so happy to have her close by again! :)
Our chick eggs have been in the incubator for a week now and were ready to be candled! Ms. Ingleston generously allowed us to borrow her special candling light which allows you to see inside the egg. It was amazing what we saw. It was difficult for some of us because the chicks are super tiny at this point. We did have one Bantam chick egg that was adorable to see through the candle light. We were able to see the eye and even slight movement!
Can you see the little chick?
We called the students up two at a time so they could get a close look into the egg
We candled a bunch of the eggs
It was an amazing sight to see! We will candle the eggs again in a week in a half. If any family members would like to come in to see that, let me know!

At centers today---
D.K, T.S and T.D act in the dramatic play center
A.R digs up farm animals in the sand and water center
I have an adorable clip from the water side of the sand and water center-will upload it later this weekend!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend! :)