Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cheep! Cheep!

Yay! Another beautiful sunny day! We dismissed the kids from the indoor playground to give them some extra play time rather than waiting in the stairway at the end of the day. In case you don't see us in the stairway when picking up your child-we will be right next to our usual dismissal door in the playground. You'll hear lots of kids running about!

I have more good news! Thanks to generous donors through class will be receiving a class set of yoga mats!! :) We should be getting them within the next two weeks! I can't wait for the students to experience yoga using mats!

I sent home a letter regarding the Annual Junior Science Expo. I'm currently thinking of an idea for the class to present together (possibly building something-like a chick home). I'll begin talking to the class later this week or next week about ideas for the science fair. I want the class to feel involved in the school's events! All the fourth and fifth graders participate in the school's science fair by conducting their own experiment and creating a poster board to present it. It would be great for the class to be exposed to that process early on, especially as young, budding scientists! If any parent would like to contribute to our science fair project-whether that's with building skills (I have no clue with tools), documenting data, etc-we would love to have family involvement! If, however, you would like to create a science project with your child at home-that would be great as well-simply fill out the form sent home and send it back! Let me know if you need any materials or assistance-I would be happy to help in any way! I will also send a letter home asking for parent assistance once our class decides together on what we would like to create/research/explore for our science fair project.

Today, we worked on creating chicks! I found this activity via pinterest and thought it would be great for the class to do. It also supported their learning about chicks and their body parts! Using a variety of beautiful junk, students created their own chicks in nests! We used egg cartons for nests, cotton balls for the body of the chick, googly eyes and the students chose different kinds of beautiful junk to add details-beak,
K.M colors her nest brown
T.W coloring her chick blue
T.S, A.K, J.A and T.D working on their chicks
J.C coloring his chick red
X.I colors his chick orange
D.K cuts out green scrap paper to create a beak
J.A's chick
J.M shows me her chick and nest
T.W holds her chick carefully with both hands
J.C shows me his chick-look at the long green beak he created!
K.W's chick-look at the detail on his chick!
The completed chicks!
We started talking about how to handle chicks in preparation of our chick eggs hatching! We'll be using the chicks we created to practice handling the chicks!

I have been recording more of our morning meetings because the conversations during share time are super rich. After greeting, we always have a share time, where students get to share something-it could be anything ranging from something they'll be doing, something they did recently, a special memory, etc. After the share, Kacey and I ask the student questions. We have started having other students ask questions! This morning, G.A talked about her brother drinking orange juice.  D.K asked if her brother was a baby because babies generally drink milk, not orange juice. O.S asked G.A for her dad's name. Great questioning happening in PreK!

Tomorrow, we will listening to a Mrs. Wishy Washy story and using the water table to wash the farm animals! The students will be rotating through the farm centers!