Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Chick House

We have one more week until the chicks hatch!!! With the students' chick house designs, my husband and I picked up a huge cardboard box from a furniture store and cut it down to create the structure of the house. On Friday, the class worked on painting the exterior and some details for the interior.
A.K and K.M painted one side yellow
A.K and K.M again
J.M and G.P painted a garden on the other side
T.S paints one wall green
A close up of J.M painting a bush
D.K decorated the ramp for the chick house. He drew grass and a ladybug on it.
The girls' progress on the garden
T.D and J.A help to paint the wall yellow
O.B wanted to create the spy camera for the chick house! With a paper towel roll, markers and some wire-O.B create the spy camera for the chick house. He said he wanted it placed in the corner of the house "just like in Toy Story 3"

D.K and O.B wanted to test it out after he created it.
D.K looking through the spy camera
D.K took this photo
O.B then labeled his spy camera!
We started out on creating some comfortable nests for the chicks.
We found this great branch-like material from the beautiful junk box
A reused box with beautiful junk nesting
We tested the nest out with a toy chick
I know I've mentioned it so many times on the blog already-but the Junior Science Fair/Expo is this upcoming Thursday, March 29th! Our chick house, along with photos and student designs will be on display in the large gym.

We worked on a Mrs. Wishy-Washy related poem together. We practiced stretching out words and writing out the letters we heard. All the animals were written completely by the students.

The weather this past week has been amazing-we have been able to go outside for movement every day the past week. I snapped this photo because I thought it was adorable. The boys were pretending to be superheroes!
Batman, Spider-man and the Green Lantern
Next week, we will be making a pretend subway train for our block center to add to our city scape! We'll continue working on the chick house and adding more interior details. We'll also be taking the chick eggs out of the automatic turner on Tuesday to prepare them for hatching! :) Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I took Brian out for a play date today with his friend, Mookie (a Shiba inu puppy).