Thursday, March 22, 2012

Designing our chick house

The Junior Science Fair is a week away! I can't wait for the students to show their work to the rest of our school community! Last week, we decided to build a chick house for the science project! I have this wonderful book Chick Days in the science center by our chick incubator and its full of photographs of chicks, chickens and chicken coops/brooders. I passed around a page with photographs of coops and brooders for students to get an idea of what we're going to create.

G.P looking at the photographs
X.I looks at the photographs of the coops
We had a discussion as a class about things we wanted for our chick house and things that the chicks will need in their home.

J.C said the house could be a triangle. J.M suggested a garden for the chick house. G.P wanted to create a star house for the chicks (check out the star house she draws for her chick house design). T.S said we need food for the chicks. J.A said we'll need a nest for the chicks, too. O.B said we'll need to have water for the chicks because they'll get thirsty. A.K said the chick house could be a square house. K.M suggested a water foundation for the chicks to bath in! The class had such fantastic and intelligent ideas for our chick house!
Below are some of the students' chick house designs. Many were unfinished at the time I took the photo, but all the students' work will be displayed at the junior science fair next Thursday!
K.M's chick house design-if you look closely-she drew a chick at the door at one looking through the window
J.M's chick house design-she drew a garden on the side!
G.P's chick house design-she created a star chick house like she suggested!
A.K's chick house design-she added lots of colors to her design!
A lot of the students were labeling their designs!
O.B labeled the sun
G.A labeled a window with "WEdo"
J.M labeled the roof with "RO"
J.C labeled the chick house with "hous" reversed
A.R labels the chick house with "hous"

K.M labeled the stairs with "STR"
I talked with some students about their chick house designs---

O.B's chick house was interesting! He put in a spy cam for the chicks! Hmm...something we can create for our chick house for the science fair!
D.K's chick house has bricks! He also incorporated some elements from nature-he drew a leaf on the chick house! This can be a detail we put on to the chick house!

G.A's chick house design has a fountain and a table with food for the chicks!

From today's discussion and design drawings, our class chick house for the science fair will be incorporating the following:
  • windows
  • door
  • stairs
  • spy camera
  • nests
  • garden
  • toys for the chicks to play with
  • leaves
  • fountain/chick bath
  • water/something for the chicks to drink the water from
  • an area to hold the food
During centers---
J.M, K.M, J.C and O.S pretending to be farmers/chicks
A.R, A.K and G.A continue painting the styrofoam
D.K, T.S, O.B and J.A work together to create a sushi restaurant to put into our city
J.A drew the people that work in the restaurant
D.K made this sign for the sushi restaurant
Tonight, my husband and I will be using the student's designs to build the structure of the house! Tomorrow, O.S's mom and Jimmy will be coming into our classroom to assist with decorating the chick house!

Remember to mark your calendars-next Thursday, March 29th is Math, Science and Technology Night and the Junior Science Fair and the Scholastic book fair! There will be lots of fun exhibits and demos in the hallways. The science projects will be shown in the large gym from 6:30-7:30pm. Please try to stop by to view our class' chick house! I will be going as well! In fourth and fifth grade, every student must create a science project to show and finalists are chosen to attend the Joseph Henry Science Fair at the College of St. Rose!