Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Farm Centers & Turn and talk!

Sorry about not blogging last night! My allergic reaction was terrible! My eyes swelled due to the reaction and even after a long night's rest-I woke up with puffy and swollen eyes so I wore glasses to cover them from the class. I actually received several compliments from the children regarding the glasses. :) Also, I'll be blogging around 7-8pm from now on because I'm spending more time outdoors! I've been running, jogging and playing with Brian more! I love to soak in the sunshine!

In case you missed it, the class took graduation/moving up photos on Monday! They looked wonderful in the caps and gowns. If your child was absent, the photographers said parents may contact them to schedule a make up sitting session. Let me know if you would like the contact information. I tried to sneak a couple of photos--

Today, our class talked about a different way we're going to be sharing our thoughts in class-with a turn and talk. I told them that they're super ready for kindergarten and that I'll be teaching them some things kindergarteners do and one of them is -turn and talk! I was amazed at how easily our class learned how to turn to their partners, share with their partners and even share out what their partner said. I was thrilled with how much fun the kids had doing it too! We'll be using this often to share out thoughts, ideas and stories!
Our turn and talk chart
A.R and G.S talking
X.I and J.A, T.W and O.S in the background
D.K and J.C
A.K and K.W
J.M and G.A
T.D and A.R
O.B and G.P
We tried out the turn and talk, first with just turning and then turning and sharing favorite colors and then sharing what they like to eat. I recorded our share out after the turn and talk with the children telling everyone what their turn and talk partner said! The children were great at remembering what their partners had said! I was truly impressed!
The class turning and talking
During center time, our centers were filled with farm-related learning! In our dramatic play center, K.W, K.M and G.P acted like a farmers and chicks! I added a sunhat and some farm animal masks for the children to act out with!
K.W and K.M collecting eggs from the chicken coop
K.M is the farmer feeding the two chicks-K.W and G.P
K.M gets food to feed the chicks from the garden, K.W-one of the chicks takes a rest on the hay in the barn
In the science center, the students will be drawing observational pictures of the chick eggs (and later on-the chicks). Today, D.K and T.S worked at the science center to draw the eggs in the incubator.
D.K at the science center
This is D.K's depiction of the eggs and incubator--if you look carefully-he drew little chicks in eggs above his name

T.S drew the incubator with the chick eggs and created an imaginary story! Here, I ask him to describe his writing.

Incubation update! The chick eggs have been in the incubator for 5 days now! They are staying steady at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with 60% humidity. This Friday, we'll be able to take out one of the eggs to use with an egg candle (which allows you to see the inside of the egg).

In the writing center, the students sorted pop out letters into eggs with the corresponding letters.
There were also sight word eggs for the students to spell out with the pop out letters.
G.S and A.K worked on sorting out and reading the letters
The basket full of letter and word eggs
G.S closing up an egg
In the art center, the children created farm animal print paintings! Using farm animal toys, the students dipped the animal feet into the paint to create the paintings.
Getting started
J.M uses a lamb toy to create lamb footprints
A.R uses the pig to create pig footprints
T.D and A.R painting with farm animals
It was interesting for the students to see the variety of shapes and sizes of footprints the different farm animals created.

This week, for our morning greeting-we learned how to say hello in French-Bonjour! We're continuing to practice greeting with opposite hands, looking at each other and shaking hands gently!

I'm hoping that tomorrow we'll have time to start creating chicks! We'll also be thinking of a farm story and doing some interactive writing.
Also, I updated the important dates page to reflect some of the upcoming literacy events (book fair, build a book event). And good news! After speaking with Ms. Ingleston, the Museum educator at our school-all the PreK classes will be going together to visit Dutch Hollow Farms at Schodack Landing! The farm is working with us to lower the price of their usual admission fee and Ms. Ingleston is generously using some of her museum funds to help fund the school buses! We are projecting that the trip will happen from mid-April to early May! :D