Friday, March 9, 2012

A half day in photos!

Our incubator full of chick eggs
The kids looking into the incubator
A.K, A.R and D.K playing in the barn
T.S, T.D and J.M play in the barn-T.S and T.D are pretending to be horses
They got food from the "garden" and the horses are eating
Some fake hay in the barn
Our countdown to hatching!
Thank you to all family members that came for our parent teacher conferences, I always enjoy talking about each child in our classroom! If you would still like to schedule a conference with me, simply email me.
Also, on Monday the class will be taking graduation/stepping up photos with caps and gowns! Order forms were sent home today but if you would like to order and didn't receive a form-stop by our classroom in the morning! :)