Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More labeling & the completed barn!

Sorry the somewhat late blog post-it was beautiful out tonight so I went for a run! We continued our writing work with more labeling. Today, we did an interactive writing activity. We reviewed what labels are used for and I posted a large picture of a dog for us to label together. We worked on stretching out the words, listening for the sounds and writing the letter we hear. I modeled the first label, spot and the students worked together to label the rest of the dog's body parts. We, first, identified the body part we were going to label, then we stretched out the word and the students came up to the poster to write the letter we heard.
Side note--sorry the photos are different from the usual ones on the blog-I left my camera at home and had to use my camera phone today to document our day.
K.W writes the A he heard in paw
J.C writes the a he heard in tail
The students tail label
Our completed label poster
The students did a wonderful job labeling-their approximated spellings were very close to the actual spellings! Nose was spelled as "nos," tongue as "tg," paw as "pa," ear as "er," and tail as "tal." The children then went off to their journals to label their drawings.
A.K's drawing and labels. She labeled her feet with "FL" and the flower on her shirt with an "F"
D.K's drawing. He labeled his leg with "G" and his arm with "RM"
J.M labeled her head with "hD" and her toes with "t"
K.W drew a lion and a horse. He labeled the lion with "LUU" and the horse with "hoo"
J.A labeled his head with "hd" and his feet with "IFE"
T.D labeled a variety of items in her story. She labeled her dress with "Gras," the flower with "FLAWER," the egg with "AG" and the bird with "Brd"
T.S labeled the slide in his picture with an "S" and the bugs with a "B"
K.M labeled her hair with "HER," her head with "HD," her tummy with "tME" and her feet with "FET." I assisted her with drawing lines for her to write her labels.
During center time, our art center was dedicated to creating details for our farm in the dramatic play area. Today, the children in the center chose mainly flowers to add to our farm.
G.A draws flowers
J.A draws grass, flowers and in this photo is in the process of drawing a cow
After school, my husband and I worked together to support the last walls of the barn that the students worked on. An hour and a half later, here is the completed barn--
A front view of the barn in our dramatic play center and now farm
Using a box and some store bought Easter eggs, I created this chicken coop
I thought it would be cute to place this toy spider on some fruit wrapping "spider web" inside the barn
I am super excited for the students to play in the barn tomorrow! I can't wait to see what imaginative role playing will occur! We will also be working to create some chicks to put into our chicken coop. I'll also be showing the students how the incubator works, because after school tomorrow I'll be getting our chick eggs! :)