Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our class skyscraper!

Today, we worked on adding details to our skyscraper! We didn't have time to name our skyscraper but we did have a few students out today so I thought it may be better to wait until more of the class is present so we can name it together! Using a variety of paper, beautiful junk, art supplies, etc-the students worked together to decorate and add details to the skyscraper. Each table received a box we painted from the day before. Afterwards, we built up the skyscraper! Our skyscraper is now sitting in our block center!
G.S and G.P glue papers on to the box
T.D draws a window on the side
D.K draws on a paint swatch
X.I uses pattern edged scissors to cut patterned paper
X.I, G.A and D.K cut rectangles from paper and glued it on to the box to create windows
T.S adds construction paper to his window
J.C chooses bubble wrap paper to cut windows from
J.M places a variety of papers on this side of the skyscraper
This table placed yellow streamers around their box
T.D, T.S and A.K's floor of the skyscraper
I drew doors and an awning. D.K came over and wrote some letters for the awning! He stretched out water.
Several of the students wanted to write their names on the building-like X.I did here
T.D creates a mosaic of paper
J.C's windows
T.W's windows
K.M wrote her name over the paint swatches and placed them on the skyscraper
We took photos of each child with the skyscraper! I'll be printing these photos for the students to talk about comparing their height with that of the skyscraper!

I noticed something interesting about the students choice of materials. I got a lot of paint swatches from Walmart to place into our art studio area as a material for students to use. They're rarely used but I saw a lot of students gravitated towards them today and used them in an unexpected way (at least for me). The paint swatches came as perfect rectangles so I figured students may want to use them as windows-they wouldn't have to cut out the shape, but I saw that they actually flipped the paint swatch over to use the side that had a photo of the paint swatch in a room. 
The reverse sides of paint swatches
At first, I was wondering why they were doing that but after asking many of them-they said it was because it showed what was through the window. What an A HA moment for me! It just goes to show that interesting and amazing a child's mind and perspective is! T.D and K.M were helping me to stack and secure the boxes and they were talking about the skyscraper:

T.D: There are people in there!
K.M: Where?
T.D: In the rooms-they're working.
K.M: They live there.
T.D: No, they work there.
K.M: Your daddy works in there?
T.D: No, my daddy works in houses-with electricity-not in skyscrapers.

Already, the students were talking about the skyscraper and making connections! I can't wait to see what other conversations will occur with the skyscraper! Our block center will now be our city area and I will be encouraging students in the block center to build other buildings around it!

I also have some angular styrofoam pieces that I'm hoping some students in the art center will create an antenna pole or column with using wire too-sort of like the antennas and lightening rod at the top of the Empire State building.

Side note-just an interesting fact-I interned for a short while at New York City's Skyscraper Museum in the Education department!

Tomorrow, we'll be opening all our centers for more country and city fun! We'll also be naming our skyscraper! I have a fun Mrs. Wishy Washy related interactive writing activity to do with the class as well!

This afternoon, we also received our class set of yoga mats! When I chose the item over donorschoose.org, I thought they would come in a variety of colors but instead I guess due to the large order-sent us all minty yoga mats! I had a couple of students try them out to see if the length would be good for them to do yoga!
As our tallest student. K.W tested out downward dog on the yoga mat to see if the length of the mat was good
J.C tries out the tree pose
I can't wait for the students to carry their own yoga mat into the small gym for us our yoga practice! They'll be trying it out next Monday!

It seems like tomorrow will be a super warm today-try to wear t-shirts! Our classroom is quite warm!