Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PreK writers!

A short blog post tonight! Third quarter assessments are underway and Kacey and I are amazed by the improvements made by each child! During writing today, I brought out the student's first week self portraits and compared them side by side with today's writing piece. For writing today, the students worked on writing a sentence with the word "am." I also drew a blue line for them to get acquainted with writing a sentence across the paper. We also talked about periods "dots" to mark the end of sentences. Comparing the self portraits from September to today's writing, you can tell how much the students have grown!
T.S wrote, "I am T.."
G.A's writing
O.B's writing. He drew himself on a spaceship today! He also labeled the spaceship with "SPASP"
T.D drew a family member!
J.A wrote "I am Mae (Mommy)"
D.K wrote "I am D..." He drew himself as a train conductor.
J.M wrote "I am a DG (dog)"
K.M wrote "I am ISC (ice-cream)"
G.P wrote "I am G..."
A.K wrote "I am A..."
A.R wrote "I am A..."
G.S wrote "I am ROIS (dinosaur)
We also finished labeling our chick house for the science fair! We also worked together to place the labels in the appropriate places.
T.S sticks on the ramp label
The ramp label
G.S sticks on the door label
Tomorrow, we'll be learning about measuring with nonstandard units! We'll be measuring our partner's feet with small blocks! Using what we will learn, we will be measuring other items around the classroom. Also, we're getting closer to hatch day! Today, we took the chick eggs out of the automatic egg turner--