Saturday, March 3, 2012

Turn on the Lights! Celebration

Thank you to all the families that came to support our class! The children have been really looking forward to our culminating event/celebration! It was the first time our class had such an event so I was nervous about how it would go. Thinking back and reflecting on the celebration, even though I always wish things were more organized, at the end of the day-I am extremely happy that the children were happy and proud. It is super important for them to see that their learning and hard work is important and valued and I think the event achieved that. Again, thank you for everyone for coming and supporting. I was amazed at how many people showed up. I say it so often, but I feel ever so grateful for the support from the families this year. It's wonderful to see such family participation. :)

We set up our classroom as a museum or gallery walk so that different tables had different items that students worked on throughout our light project. The students jobs were to share with others what we worked on and what we learned. They also got to wear name tags with the label "light expert" and they wrote their own names.
J.A's mom comes up to our reflection/refraction table
T.S' dad views the representation table
Melissa Hasty talks to the students at our field trip table
Side note: Melissa Hasty is the Early Childhood Coordinator for the Albany city school district.

A.K shows J.A's mom the light switch diagrams
K.M, D.K and T.W at our sequencing how to turn on lights table
A.R's dad looks at the light representations
We ended the celebration with some storytelling (I try to integrate storytelling into everything we do!) and with some food! We also celebrated T.D's 5th birthday! She turned 5 on our snow day! Happy birthday T.D!
I created a binder reviewing our light project. It will be on display for parents to view during parent teacher conferences this Friday!

The light project was a fantastic experience. I truly believe the class had lots of fun discovering lights. I've noticed that they make personal connections relating to light. I remember one student talked about how his shoes light up. The class learned a lot of important skills through the project ranging from cause and effect, the experimental process, making predictions, etc. They picked up new vocabulary too! I am so proud of them! :) Turn on the lights project-Success! :)

Here is a wonderful blog post about light painting! Even though we've completed our light project-it may be fun to explore photography and students shining lights!

Looking forward, we will be starting a thematic unit starting next week about city and country life. We will be building a barn in our dramatic play center and a skyscraper in our block center-if you happen to have any boxes that you no longer need, our class would love to have them to build a barn or skyscraper. I will be sending finalized parent teacher conference times in each child's folder on Monday. Every one that requested a time received either their first or second choice. Please let me know if you still want to schedule a time.