Thursday, March 15, 2012

What do you see at the farm?

First off-we had a discussion today about the junior science expo and as a class, we took ideas of things we could do. I wrote down their ideas and after, we voted as a class!
Class ideas for junior science expo!
O.B came up with creating a robot based on his love for Star Wars' C-3PO and R2D2. G.P thought of creating a horse house (stable) because she loves horses and my little ponies. It will be exciting to see what designs the students come up in creating a chick home along with what they will want to include for our chick house. I will send a letter home soon about asking for parent help-we will need help building the structure of the house and possibly some parents to lead small groups in creating a variety of aspects for the chick home (a contraption for the chicks to drink water, eat, play, etc).

We did some interactive writing today about things we see at the farm. After turning and talking with their partners, we shared out some things we may see at a farm. We took one idea and formulated a sentence together! For interactive writing, students stretch out the words together, use the word wall to help spell and individual students take turns and come up to add to our writing piece.
I drew the horse, the students wrote the letters for the label and wrote the sentence
Following this, the students went back and drew and wrote about something they would see at a farm. It will be interesting to see what they draw and write about after our city/country unit is over and after we visit the farm. I am sure there will be more variety of farm things that they see will. I noticed that many of the things the students drew/wrote about were things we talked about and are also currently in our farm dramatic play area such as spider, barn, chick.
T.S wrote, "I see a cow"
J.M wrote, "I see a spider" -She used the letter c for see and stretched out spider as "spt"
D.K wrote, "I see corn"-he also drew the barn!
G.A wrote "I see a farm. I see a cow."
T.D wrote, "I see a cat"
A.K wrote, "I see a pig"
Many of the students are getting used to labeling their pictures and stretching out the words. We will be working on finger spacing for our names and between words!

We read Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins and practiced our turn and talk again by telling our turn and talk partners what would happen to the fox when it was nearing the beehive.
The big book we read for read aloud

I also introduced our new activity for our water table today after reading Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm. Mrs. Wishy Washy is a timeless and incredibly popular children's book character. I've had a colleague dress up as her for Halloween one year! I showed students the aprons now available at the water table and modeled washing the dirty farm animals with the sponge. With a small bucket, we took turns practicing scrubbing to get the dirt (dried paint) from the farm animals just like Mrs. Wishy Washy would. Some of the students were adorable and even said "Wishy Washy, Wishy Washy" while scrubbing.

D.K scrubbing the cow
G.S notices that the paint comes off on the sponge
A.R scrubbing the cow
Wishy Washy, Wishy Washy
O.S cleaning the feet of the cow
O.S chants "Wishy Washy" while scrubbing
T.D scrubs vigorously
Tomorrow, we will be continuing our farm centers. For our science center, the students will be able to use natural materials (sticks, rocks, shells, etc) to create a chick home. I hope this will jump start ideas for what we want for our class-created chick home. In celebration of St. Patrick's Day on Saturday, students may come in wearing green!