Monday, April 2, 2012

Chick Holding & Measuring

What an exciting week it's going to be-the students gave a warm welcome to the 9 little chicks in our classroom! Everyone was buzzing with excitement about our new classroom additions. We'll have the chicks until Thursday. I will be bringing the chicks to Indian Ladder Farms Thursday after school. If you would like to stop by and look and/or hold the chicks, please let me know!

Happy birthday to J.M! She turned 5 last Friday!

During our morning meeting, using photos from Chick Days, I showed the students the different parts of the brooder-the water fountain, the chick feeder, the heat lamp and the wood shavings. We passed around a bag of clean wood shavings to feel and smell. Many students commented on how clean it smelled.
A view into the brooder
We took turns looking into the brooder box. The students were great with not making loud sounds or sticking their hands into the box. I also overheard K.M say to another student from another class, "Sshh! you have to be quiet for the chicks." Our class are becoming wonderful chick caretakers!
O.B and G.P looking into the brooder, G.P was asking me what the chicks were doing. I told her they were eating from the feeder!
G.A and J.M
K.M and T.S
D.K and A.K
J.C and T.W
X.I and G.S
My husband and I held the chicks a bunch of times over the weekend so they would get use to hands holding them. I explained to the students that we can hold the chicks to help them get used to being held. We talked about how we could hold the chicks. A lot of the students already had ideas about this. K.M said "We need to be quiet and not yell." J.C said, "We shouldn't drop them." We went over some other rules about holding the chicks too-holding with two hands, letting a teacher know if they didn't want to hold it anymore, and most importantly-washing hands after!! Many of the students wanted to try!
G.P holding a chick
O.B holding a chick
A.R holding a chick
T.W holding Moe
X.I holding Moe
A.K holding a chick
J.C holding Moe
D.K holding Moe; Moe likes to walk around
K.W holding Moe
We'll be taking some time to hold the chicks every day so each of the chicks gets some time being held and getting used to hands.

For math, we talked about measuring today. We reviewed what we did on Thursday. We talked about the ruler and how we can use it to help us measure how long or tall something is. Using a meter stick/ruler, we measured everyone's heights today! We made predictions about who would be the tallest and the shortest. Here are some of our predictions--
Some of the students like T.S, J.M and G.A to name a few made connections about their parents measuring them at home against a wall. Using the meter stick and chart paper, we all worked together to measure everyone's heights. The students got to write their names next their height marking, too.
Marking J.C's height
G.A writes her name next to her height marking
Measuring A.R's height
A close up of our heights chart
Our completed chart
T.S' family kindly let our class borrow one of their board games on measuring. We learned how to play the game today. T.S was great at helping us out with how play! It's a really fun game that promotes measuring with a ruler (both with inches and centimeters). We worked together to build a character and to measure it!
How Tall Am I? board game
J.C using the ruler to measure the character the class created
K.W measures the character using the centimeter side of the ruler
We will be placing the board game in our math center for students to measure during center time! Tomorrow, we'll be writing using our word of the week love. We'll also be doing close observations of the chicks and sketching our noticings of the chicks. Also, the wonderful farmer, Cecelia from Indian Ladder Farms had these kinds words to tell our class, "Tell the kids thanks for doing such a good job of taking care of the eggs, even mommy chickens can't hatch all of the eggs" She also recommended this website to view photos and videos of baby chicks. You and your child can check it out for further images of baby chicks-there's lots of different kinds!