Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day wonders

Hope everyone enjoys their Earth Day weekend! :) If you are doing grocery shopping this weekend and go to the Price Chopper on Delaware Ave (right next to our school) and ask for a paper bag, you will be given one of the Earth Day bags made by students from our school! :) (These are the ones made with our buddy readers).

The weather on Friday was beautiful! When we went outside for our nature hunt, nearly half the school was outside! I love seeing so many people outdoors! During our morning meeting, our class talked about how much time we go outside versus inside and everyone decided that we would all try a little more to spend some time outdoors playing! We went outside to search for nature items to collect and place in our nature boxes!
Fourth graders in the distance
While on our nature hunt, many students noticed garbage on the ground and pointed out the litter! Some really wanted to pick it up and throw it out in the trash cans (but we had no gloves on so there was no litter touching) but it was wonderful how much the class cared about the park surrounding our school and how much they wanted to keep it clean! I took some photos of the litter the kids pointed out--
Pointing out the litter
Back in the classroom, the students had a lot of fun exploring their collections and placing them in different arrangements in their boxes. Using play dough, the students created bugs to add to their settings.
A.K arranging her nature box
T.W arranges the dandelions in her nature box
O.B scatters the items in his nature box
T.S arranges his nature box
D.K wanted to keep his items from the nature hunt on one side of the nature box
J.C places a branch against the side of the nature box
G.P places the flowers in the corners
O.S rolls the play dough to create a worm
He then places the worm in his nature box
K.M creates a bee
I took some photos of look into the children's nature boxes--

We'll be adding some finishing touches to the nature boxes by placing saran wrap over the openings and the students will be able to take their nature boxes home!
This upcoming week, we'll be learning about worms and how they help our planet! I can't wait for the class to meet the red wiggler composting worms!

What can you do this weekend to help the Earth? :)