Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Spring!

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring vacation! I wanted to share some photos taken from our fun days at school! On Wednesday, we created clothing pin egg puppets! I found this adorable activity from pinterest and thought the kids would really enjoy it! Using a clothing pin, construction paper and assorted art materials, the kids created their own egg puppets.
J.C creates dots around the edge of the egg
D.K makes the mouth of his egg puppet
A.R cuts yarn to use for her puppet
G.P wraps the yarn around the bottom of the egg
D.K also cutting out yarn
The following photos were taken by D.K---

We had another child from our class do the pledge of allegiance over the loudspeaker! This is the third from our class! K.M did a wonderful job doing the pledge! We're all so proud!

On Thursday, we had some family members come in and help our class with dying eggs! Special thanks to D.K's mom, O.B's parents, O.S' parents and A.R's older sister from Mrs. Nies' second grade class for coming in and helping our class out with our fun filled day! We also enjoyed having so many siblings in our class-A.K, E.B and baby J along with K.R from second grade! Our kids love having guests in our classroom! It's always wonderful to bring in family to our community! Thank you to all the families who donated hard boiled eggs! Our kids had enough to dye 2 eggs!
O.B's family helps out this table
J helps O.S, G.S and K.W with the egg dyeing
K.R (A.R's older sister) helps out G.P, J.M and AR
A.R dyes her egg red
O.B's parents helped the kids create two-toned eggs
X.I, G.A and D.K dyeing their eggs
The girls swirl their eggs in the dye
A.K immerses her egg in the orange dye
Hands on fun! X.I puts his hand in to swirl the egg around
A.R and J.M dye their eggs
After the egg dyeing, we got to visit Ms. Blanchard's class to see the rabbit she brought in! His name is Lyle and was fantastic with all the petting and holding! Thank you Ms. Blanchard for letting our class visit and hold Lyle! He's adorable!!
The kids jumped right in to petting Lyle-we didn't want to scare him so after this, we sat around the circle and took turns holding and petting him :)
We went on our egg hunt in the small playground after this!
J.M holding her eggs!
Thursday was also our last day with our chicks! :( While sad, we are all glad that they'll be at home with their family at Indian Ladder Farms.
Here are our chicks in their new brooder at the farm-look at all that space!
If you would like to visit our chicks and other baby farm animals, Indian Ladder Farms is having Baby Animal Days, when you can see, pet and learn about a variety of baby farm animals. It's happening May 5th-20th and admission is $5 per child. For more information, check out their website. When you go, say hi to Ms. Cecelia, who was the farmer who helped out our class with giving us the chick eggs to hatch. Also, if you want to find our chicks-ask her! The chicks will look quite different by that time! We also wrote Ms. Cecelia a thank you card!

I hope everyone has a fun filled and relaxing spring vacation! I'll be getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow! :O When we return, we'll be studying all about different ways to take care of the Earth-recycling, reducing, and reusing! We'll also be learning about composting! I was quite the composting expert back at my old school! I'm excited to be bring in my compost box to the classroom and have the students learn all about the wonders of red wigglers! See everyone next Monday! :)