Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prepping our compost bin!

Uncle Jim says our red wigglers will be arriving this Wednesday or Thursday (hopefully Wednesday-fingers crossed)! We have been reading and learning more about red wigglers and composting in preparation! Today, we talked more in depth about what goes in a compost bin. One of the main "ingredients" to a compost bin is newspaper! Newspaper makes it darker for the worms, provides bedding and food too! We recycled some old newspapers in our classroom for our compost bin! We shredded them up to make it fluffy and easily edible for the worms.

Sorry for the lack of photos today-I have been feeling a bit under the weather and forgot to snap as many photos today!

During our morning meeting, O.B brought in a huge pine cone to share with the class--

He shared it with the class and everyone got to touch it and smell it. Because of its size, the kids were able to get a better perspective of the cross section.

Tomorrow, we will be creating worm paintings in the art center using cooked spaghetti. Super thanks to T.D's dad for bringing in tons of compost! We'll talk more in depth about what foods the red wigglers can eat tomorrow by looking through some of the compost (with our hands gloved!) and talk about what happens to the food when the worms eat it.